Authentic, high-quality medical writing tailored to your professional and lay audiences, delivered quickly and accurately.


Austin Ulrich, PharmD, Freelance Medical Writer

Freelance Medical Writer

I’m a pharmacist freelance medical writer based in Greensboro, NC. I help CME companies and medical communications companies create valuable content for their readers by providing authentic, high-quality medical writing tailored to medical and lay audiences.

With 5+ years of direct patient care experience in pharmacy and clinical settings, I possess a unique perspective about clinician and patient preferences for medical information.

I write clear and concise content with the goal of informing and empowering readers with evidence-based medicine. I deliver medical writing and content quickly and accurately.

I love creating great medical deliverables – from needs assessments and proposals to slide decks and manuscripts. When I’m not freelancing as a medical writer, you’ll find me spending time with my wife and kids or outdoors (usually distance running). I also write about making money, freelancing, and small business tools on my blog,

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